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Our Mission
After a long absence we are back to help websites and individuals to “Go Pink” for October. Our mission is a simply one ~ to turn the internet Pink for October in an effort to help bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research.
Unlike corporations, our goal is not to make money. Our hope is that you educate yourself about the many issues related to Breast Cancer, turn your site pink in whatever manner works for you ~ from selecting one of our free buttons or backgrounds to using your own pink photo ~ then take that knowledge and spread it forward.


Pink 4 October is not affiliated with any breast cancer foundation or organization. P4O is not an agency, a subsidiary or an arm of any national or international breast cancer organization. P4O is an independent, privately run website intended to offer information leading to better awareness about breast cancer .

No member of P4O is qualified to dispense medical advice. Opinions and thoughts shared on this site are from breast cancer survivors who have knowledge and valuable information about awareness and treatments they have received.