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We highlight men on the site solely because most people are surprised to find out that Breast Cancer can happen to men.
Still pleading ignorance?

According to the American Cancer Society, roughly 1,720 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. While this number pales in comparison to the number of female cases, it proves a point. Breast cancer affects everyone. October marks Breast Cancer Awareness month, a time when everyone can come together and do their part to raise awareness and funds.

A number of male bloggers have joined their female counterparts in doing their part and proudly going Pink for October. Will you be one of them?

Break the Silence

Each year, thousands of men participate in fund raising events and awareness programs, eager to help raise awareness about breast cancer. Just as many are dealing with their own bout of breast cancer. However many, feeling out-of-place or uncomfortable, resort to discussing the issue using sentences like “I want to save your boobies!” While this can certainly help break the ice, it isn’t where the conversation should end.

Aside from monetary support, perhaps one of the most significant contributions any man can make to the fight against breast cancer is his words and understanding. For many men the idea that a disease like breast cancer could affect them is almost considered taboo. Additionally, many men find themselves lost as to how to help a partner, friend, or relative deal with their own diagnosis.

Do you have a story to share? Are you a man dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis? Do you have a spouse who is fighting it? We are looking for men everywhere to share their stories. How do you cope? How has a breast cancer diagnosis affected your relationship? If you feel like you have anything to share, anything at all, contact us and share your story. By sharing our experiences, perhaps we can reach a point where discussing breast cancer among men is more than just child’s play.

Where Can I Get More Info?

There are a number of resources available on the Internet to educate the public on breast cancer. If you know of any which are not on this list, feel free to contact us.

Men Against Breast Cancer
American Cancer Society: What is Breast Cancer in Men?
AskMen: Male Breast Cancer
National Cancer Institute: Male Breast Cancer Treatment
Mayo Clinic: Male Breast Cancer
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Association: Male Breast Cancer
Blog about it, invite others to join, become involved, help increase awareness, learn something new, and teach others what you know.

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