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The Mammogram that Changed My Life ~ a breast cancer survivor’s story – part 1
May 4, 2005 I had the mammogram that changed my life. It was a routine mammogram as part of my overall physical. The doctor had done a thorough (and I do mean thorough) manual examination and felt nothing but as it had been two years since my last mammogram she wrote me a referral. I was blessed at my age to be having regular mammograms…they aren’t “the norm” in Ontario until age 50. In my 30s I had felt a lump (turned out to be a cyst) and had it checked with a mammogram which became my baseline. The fact that my maternal grandmother had died of metastasized breast cancer

Dear breast cancer:

Once again it is October and your name is one everyones lips. The world has turned to a sea of pink and large and small corporations and companies look to make money based on your infamy and the fear that lurks in the hearts and souls of women the world over. So many women, who buy this, support that, donate to this fundraiser, walk for 2 days, run for 5 kilometres and all the while, hoping and praying that you and they never come face to face. They can run from you but sadly too many cannot hide.

You are a sneaky, insidious devil arennt you breast cancer.

Write About It
At the same time, we�d also like to hear specifically from you, on a more personal note, about how Breast Cancer has affected you, how it changed you, and what you do differently because of it.
If you research it, had it, have it, or love someone who falls into these categories please join Pink for October and share your story.

The site admins will be editing (spelling and grammar mostly) and publishing the stories. We will delete anything that does not fit the spirit of this event. Who decides what the spirit is? Well, we do. I am only writing this because I can imagine people who will take advantage of our hospitality. Not you of course. You re not a spammer.