Our Mission
After a long absence we are back to help websites and individuals to “Go Pink” for October. Our mission is a simply one ~ to turn the internet Pink for October in an effort to help bring attention to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, get people talking about breast cancer, and raise money for research.
Unlike corporations, our goal is not to make money. Our hope is that you educate yourself about the many issues related to Breast Cancer, turn your site pink in whatever manner works for you ~ from selecting one of our free buttons or backgrounds to using your own pink photo ~ then take that knowledge and spread it forward.

Pink October Wrap Up
Well we’re nearing the end of October and this means Pink for October is also nearing it’s end. It’s been an a-m-a-z-i-n-g month and I’ve learned so much. I met a lot of wonderful people and discovered I could fit even more into an already packed schedule!

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For me this was the first Pink for October where I held the online reigns for the website. Although it was a new journey it certainly was not a solo walk. We had several lovely souls step up to help and…

Going Pink!
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Websites, networks, blogs and social media pages around the globe are gearing up and going Pink for October! It’s our way of helping out and spreading the word about breast cancer.

No corporate sponsors, no ads, just individuals working together to try and make a difference! Grab some free pink, find some links, or stay and some personal stories ~ we’re happy you found us!
Be sure to click on our social networking links to “Like”, “Follow”, and spread the word ~ together we can help make a difference!

Grab some Pink for October!
Help show your support and spread the word about breast cancer awareness ~ grab a free badge, button, or background and go pink!

Ode to Bald
Dear breast cancer:

Once again it is October and your name is one everyones lips. The world has turned to a sea of pink and large and small corporations and companies look to make money based on your infamy and the fear that lurks in the hearts and souls of women the world over. So many women, who buy this, support that, donate to this fundraiser, walk for 2 days, run for 5 kilometres and all the while, hoping and praying that you and they never come face to face. They can run from you but sadly too many cannot hide.

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You are a sneaky, insidious devil arent you breast cancer. You hide where you can and then….
Dedication & Welcome Message
Few missions are without a dedication and mine is to my mother, Loray Jenkins Repp, who lost her battle to Breast Cancer in 1974. Long before the days of mammograms and self examinations she awoke one morning to find something present on her breast. A few hours later she was in her doctor’s office and a few hours after that she was admitted to the hospital. What was meant to be a biopsy the following morning wound up as a mastectomy, for which my father had to make the decision while my mother lay asleep on the operating table. This began what would become a nearly 10 year battle with breast cancer. My mother fought this dreaded disease so valiantly through most of my childhood but finally lost in 1974.

The truth be told we were not close ~ she was tough and neurotic and I resented her for that. I resented her not being around and always seeming stressed out when she was. But fast forward decades later and I now have an appreciation for the personal….

At the bottom of every page is our disclaimer ~ read on to find out who we are and what we offer:
Disclaimer: Pink 4 October is not affiliated with any breast cancer foundation or organization. P4O is not an agency, a subsidiary or an arm of any national or international breast cancer organization. P4O is an independent, privately run website intended to offer information leading to better awareness about breast cancer .

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No member of P4O is qualified to dispense medical advice. Opinions and thoughts shared on this site are from breast cancer survivors who have knowledge and valuable information about awareness and treatments they have received.